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08 - Anthropology Notes Navajo first laugh ceremony Scream...

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Anthropology Notes 12/9/08 Navajo first laugh ceremony Scream response to pain Emotional intensity valued in some Cultures that believe in temperance and moderation are more likely to succeed over long periods of time. Emotions are rejected over long periods of times eventually self- isolate. Warm people: o Italians, Armenians, Africans Cool People: o U.S. (Farther away from the Ecuador, the “cooler” the people are). Emotions are feelings, we can’t control them. We can compare survival mechanisms that allow us to keep our emotions in check. o Children attach emotion to parents, kitchens. People from the same culture tend to have the same schemata’s (principles, beliefs, values, etc. these are all determined by culture) o Behavior: how we act. o Emotion: how we feel. Art, Music, dance = all emotion-based. Art is a cultural universal but the way it’s expressed is based on your culture.
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o First art ever made: body decoration and adornment. Every
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