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anthro week 7

anthro week 7 - weapons manufacturing that we have never...

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Kate Helvestine TA: Molly Green Section: F 9-9:50 Question/Observation Week 7 – From Gusterson “Beginnings” 1. Observation - This chapter gives the history of the weapons laboratory in the small town of Livermore. Gusterson describes the time of when the laboratory first emerged and the people and conditions inside the laboratory walls. He then sets up the rest of the book by describing how he started interviewing the people that worked in the laboratories and their own culture. I can tell by reading this book that this is going to be fieldwork collecting data through interviews to make assumptions and come to conclusions about the sub-culture in the weapons laboratories. Many people of the era don't know why we continue to make new weapons because it only causes harm. Gusterson attempts to present the workers' point of view on the issue and describes their own culture. I think this book will be interesting in the fact that we will be presented a side of the
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Unformatted text preview: weapons manufacturing that we have never seen. Gusterson describes that he "tried to speak not only to a large number of people but also to a large number of types of people." I think his method in collecting data and anthropological fieldwork will help us students learn more about methods and types of collection of data when studying a certain culture. (This was also my main post) 2. Question – Do you think Gusterson is studying nuclear plants to observe the workers in the laboratories and come to conclusions on their culture? Or do you think he is studying the laboratories to give the general public an insight on ways of life that we aren’t usually familiar with? Why do you suppose Gusterson decided to study the Livermore laboratory workers in the sector of nuclear weapons?...
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