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Sociology 150 Midterm Essay #1 Introduction: False threat vs. real threat: For the false threat, there is no solution for the threat, it just base on urban legends and hysteria. False threats are always created by (i) mass media, (ii) political leaders, (iii) religious leaders, (iv) experts, (v) public opinion. Example: “Razor Blade in the Apple,” Best and Horiuchi. Halloween sadism. There was poison in the Halloween candy for one of the kids. Parents stopped letting their kids go trick or treating for a while due to the poisonous candy incident. This incident caused three anxieties in the society: (i) mistrust of strangers, (ii) fear of crime and (iii) threats to children. This incident is an example of misdirection. The problem should be stressed on where the poisonous candy came from. According to the course reader, the poisonous candy was given to the kid by his family member. “Halloween Sadism is thought to involve random, vicious, unprovoked attacks against small children. The attacks seem irrational, and the attackers are routinely described as disturbed or insane.” The problem was misdirected onto strangers who were giving out candies on Halloween, and ignoring the person who are close to them, even the family members. For this case, there is no certain solution to it. As opposed to false threats, real threats have possible solutions to them. Example: For the Halloween sadism incident, the real threat is not the strangers, but the family members. One of the boys died from eating heroin hidden in his Halloween candies and later police discovered heroin at his uncle’s house. The real threats of this incident were his uncle drug addiction and the reason why the child was neglected by his parents. Possible solutions are sending the uncle to a drug addiction rehabilitation center and better childcare/nursery service.
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Rappers: This is a case of false threat. People blame rappers because of the violent and obscene lyrics in the rap songs. Since most of the rappers are Black, they are stereotyped as criminals/gangsters. Moreover, their lyrics are about sexuality and violence. According to Glassner, “Assorted self-designated experts suggested, that Black rap musicians had inspired one of them to commit the crime.” “Attacks on rap artists at once reflect and reinforce deep and enduring fears about the sexuality and physical strength of black men.” Arguments for rappers: (i)
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SOCIEssay1@1[1][1]..fullly - Sociology 150 Midterm Essay #1...

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