Could that be an allusion to poetry and poets in

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Unformatted text preview: nd autonomy punished in Ovid’s presentation of the myth. Could that be an allusion to poetry and poets in Ovid’s time, coherence to rules of princes. Athena> connection with rulers, not always rational, emotional, dictatorial Arachne> the story of the poor, autonomous poet (=maker) doomed to destruction. Ovid’s fears. Polarity between gods/mortals. Structuralism. The weaving contest of Athena and Arachne, which resulted in the metamorphosis of Arachne metamorphosis as the first spider, from a Corinthian aryballos, around 600 BC. Corinth as Museum Museum Painting by Velasquez, 1644­48 Painting by Velasquez, 1644­48 Madrid, Prado Museum. Pallas and Arachne Pallas 1636-37 Peter Paul Rubens (Flemish, 1577-1640) Oil on panel – Virginia Museum of ART Oil 10-1/2 by 15 inches...
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