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Unformatted text preview: Zeus’ Establishment As Supreme God Zeus­­sky Poseidon­­sea Hades­­underworld LATIN NAMES in PARENTHESES Zeus (Jupiter) Hera (Juno) Hera Poseidon (Neptune) Poseidon Hades (Pluto) Hades Hestia (Vesta) Hestia Hephaestus (Vulcan) Hephaestus Ares (Mars) Ares Apollo Apollo Artemis (Diana) Artemis Demeter (Ceres) Demeter Aphrodite (Venus) Aphrodite Athena (Minerva) Athena Hermes (Mercury) Hermes Dionysus (Bacchus) Dionysus Canonical twelve (with removal of Hades and Hestia) Pantheon of Gods Pantheon of Gods Hestia, Goddess of the Hearth and Its Fire A goddess of chastity Hearth/sacred fire Hestia (“hearth”) Familytribe city state Transmission of fire First-born of Cronus and Rhea Zeus Amorous nature Image of father, husband, and lover Justice and virtue Moral order of the universe The cloud­gatherer “Bright” Thunder/lightening Aegis/eagle/oak Tales of Zeus’ subordination Zeus and Hera Hieros Gamos Hera:consort and queen Stern, vengeful Women/marriage/childbirth Peacock Sanctuary of Zeus at Olympia Elis Olympic Games, 776 B. C. Connection with Heracles Pelops and Hippodamia Temple of Zeus West pediment: Lapiths and Centaurs East pediment: race of Pelops and Oenomaüs Metopes: Twelve Labors of Heracles Cult Image of Zeus carved by Pheidias Archaeological Site of Archaeological Site of OLYMPIA Temple of ZEUS, OLYMPIA Temple of ZEUS, OLYMPIA Museum of Olympia: part of the western pediment of the Temple of Zeus, which depicts the abduction of the Lapith women by Centaurs Lapith Architectural Anatomy of Greek Architectural Anatomy of Greek temples Reconstruction of temple of ZEUS Reconstruction of temple of ZEUS at Olympia Golden Statue of Zeus, inside the Golden Statue of Zeus, inside the Temple­ Virtual Reconstruction Temple of ZEUS, Olympia, east Temple of ZEUS, Olympia, east pediment From East Pediment chariot race between Pelops and Oinomaus. Zeus stands in the center of the composition (leftmost statue) with Pelops and Hippodameia on his left. A servant girl kneeling infront of Pelops' quadriga is at the end. at WEST PEDIMENT of TEMPLEBattle between the Lapiths and the Centaurs (Centauromachy). Apollo stands in the middle on the composition (leftmost statue) with Theseus, a Centaur and a Lapith woman on his left Lapith . One of the twelve metopes of the temple of Zeus, depicting the labors of Hercules. Each is 1.5 meters square and made of Parian marble. This one depicts Hercules barely able to support the weight of the world while the goddess Athena has only to raise her hand to relieve the burden. Atlas offers him the apples. him Other Children of Zeus The Nine Muses The Mnemosyne (“memory”) Mnemosyne Patrons of literature and the arts Patrons Pieria/Mt. Helicon Pieria/Mt. “Reminders” Calliope (epic) Calliope Clio (history or lyre playing) Clio Euterpe (lyric or tragedy and flute playing) Euterpe Melpomene (tragedy or lyre playing) Melpomene Terpsichore (choral dancing or flute playing) Terpsichore Erato (love poetry or hymns to gods and lyre playing) Erato Polyhymnia (sacred music or dancing) Polyhymnia Urania (astronomy) Urania Thalia (comedy) Thalia The Three Fates Zeus and Themis Zeus Moirai (Greek) or Parcae (Latin) Moirai Clotho (Spinner) Clotho Lachesis (Apportioner) Lachesis Atropos (Inflexible) Atropos Luck or Fortune (Tyche) Luck Necessity (Ananke) Necessity Oracles at Olympia and Dodona Whispering oaks of Dodona Whispering Children of Zeus and Hera Eileithyia, goddess of childbirth Eileithyia, Hebe: cupbearer of gods Hebe: Ganymede Ganymede Hephaestus, divine artisan Hephaestus, God of fire and forge God Lame Lame Return of Hephaestus Return Consort of Aphrodite Consort Adultery with Ares Adultery Ares, God of War Ares, Cult partner: Aphrodite Cult Thrace Thrace Eros Eros Brutality of war Brutality ...
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