DANCE 45 MIDTERM study guide

DANCE 45 MIDTERM study guide - DANCE 45 MIDTERM study guide...

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DANCE 45 MIDTERM study guide 3 basic dance patterns often seen in ancient times - chain dance (group joins hands or arms and dance in circle or line), line (people dancing in a line), procession (large group of people, like a parade) 4 Styles of movement: Classical - hero Character - pure technique Demi-character - folklore Mime - codifying, storytelling> ex: Greek chorus mimes the events in Greek drama 5 positions of the feet - positions in ballet> codified by Beauchamps for teaching/training 18 th Century three categories of dance: Noble : slow, serious, dignified> hero from history or myth-wore mask. Louis Dupre “god of dance” demi-character : lively, fast, younger>peasants/regular people> more elaborate costume-more movement. Auguste Vestris good at jumps, 16 turns/sec… illegitimate son of Gatean Vestris comic/grotesque : servants, rustic roles, evil. Jean Dauberval (blended classical and peasant)… La Fille Mal Gardee (no god or goddess. Girl loves peasant but mother wants her to marry a wealthy man. Girl gets peasant in end) 1760 book Letters on Dancing - about ballet de action by Jean Jacques Noverre> dance unified-no technical display-no masks-simpler costumes Aborigines - Australian native people> dance to keep culture alive, cohesive group, no competition, imitate animal movements/ behaviors, stamping, jumping, stomach is center point of movement. Lineage based society. Believed dances are to be given to them by the spirit world at the time of creation, which they call the Dreaming or Dreamtime. The Academie Royale de Musique and Dance 1671 - 1 st dance school(in France)> became Paris Opera Albrecht, Lucien Petipa - Silesian count (in Giselle )> character created by Lucien Petipa Animistic Perspective - during Neolithic> belief that animals, objects, and spirits have souls that must be appeased Apollo - Sun God> associated with harmonious dance Arbeau - French court dance master> wrote orchesography (dance guide)> manual for dance and social importance of dance, especially etiquette/manners Arthur Saint-Leon - choreographer Athens - culture and arts, 115,000 slaves of 315,000 people August Bournonville - director of the Danish ballet for 60 years> one of two places in the world where men still had main roles in ballet Auguste Vestris - son of Gaetan Vestris> famous ballet dancer who trained Marius Petipa, Lucien Petipa, Fanny Elssler, Jules Perrot, and Marie Taglioni after his retirement Ballet Comique de la Reine, 1581 - 1 st ballet> honor queen of France(Catherine de Medici’s daughter in law) -choreographer=Beaujoeux-6hours long- Greco/Roman mythology-danced by nobles ballet d’action - against dance d’ecole> for unity, expressive gestures, no masks… John Weaver (loves of mars and venus, 1 st to convey thru movement, no speech or song) Ballet of the Provinces of France, 1573 - 1 hour long> patterns of movement Barberina Campanini - successor to Salle/Camargo-speed/agility> became a nun, but… Catholic church had condemned dance~ poor girls became dancers because of dance schools~ kept girls
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DANCE 45 MIDTERM study guide - DANCE 45 MIDTERM study guide...

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