dancefinal - 19th Constitutional Amendment Vote- female...

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19 th Constitutional Amendment Vote- female suffrage, 1920; gives women the right to vote; feminism out of the 1950s onward b/c of the push back when men came back from war and needed their jobs Acts of Light - (1981)- Martha Graham was inspired by sunlight after she moved to SB Afternoon of a Faune- 1912- choreographed and danced by Nijinsky- innocent sexuality- Nijinsky plays half man/half faune- releases sexual satisfaction on nymph’s scarf (masturbation scene)- very controversial; A dance about innocent sexuality, adolescent sexuality, basically the fantasy of a young adolescent man; Springtime animal, represents pro-creation Africanist Aesthetic- American Ballet- embrace conflict/ juxtaposition/ polyrhythm/ pelvis off center/ high effect/ ephebism (power, vitality)/ cool/ improve/ no couple Agon- 1957- Balanchine. music: Stravinsky; plot: Ancient Greek contest/debate between opposing forces- inspired by 17 th century French Court Dance AIDS- acquired immune deficiency syndrome; an epidemic in the late 80’s/90’s many deaths; return to narrative; 22 million deaths from AIDS; 74% in Africa; 42 million living with AIDS; 19 million infected are women; by 2010 40% of worlds population; return to narrative: Bill T Jones (Still/Here 1994) and Joe Good (Deeply There 1998); Choreographers who died from AIDS- Robert Joffrey (1988), Alvin Ailey (1989), Christopher Gillis (1993), Rudolph Nureyev (1993), Ulysses dove (1996) Alvin Ailey- black choreographer of “Revelations” (1960)- opened company to black artists to show works and choreograph his company- radically integrated dance company controversial; died of AIDS in 1989 at age 58 Alwin Nikolais- was a puppeteer- did his own choreographing, music, costumes, sets, everything- also falls under category of contemporary modern dance American Ballet Theater - ABT- one of 2 major Ballet Theaters in U.S.; diverse repertoire; not state supported- many different choreographers- director: Lucia Chase 1940-1980 Baryshnikov 1980-1989 Anna Pavlova- 1881-1931- greatest female dancer in ballet history; conservative and traditional dancer; Dancer of 2 min “Dying Swan” by Fokine- famous ballerina- toured world with own company (unheard of for women to own their own companies), 1910- famous portrayal of insects, birds, plants- brought ballet to common people because she danced everywhere, very hardworking, her company traveled over 300,000 miles; briefly in the ballet russe but she didn’t get along with the director; considered a beautiful expressive performer Anton Dolin- choreographed/ lead dancer in Le Train Bleu; very acrobatic and was a champion swimmer Apollo- 1928- plot: birth of Apollo. “Apollo” and “Prodigal Son” (1929) were the only 2 surviving ballets for Ballet Russe by Balanchine (agony, struggle) The Art of Making Dances- (1959)- book by Doris Humphrey for choreographers on architecture/composition for choosing subject matter/developing movements Arthur Mitchell- 1 st Black dancer- hired by Balanchine in 1955: “do in dance what Jackie Robinson has done in baseball”-
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dancefinal - 19th Constitutional Amendment Vote- female...

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