reviewhist116b - Foundations laid before start Use of...

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Foundations laid before start - Use of diplomacy to win over enemies o Michael Rangabe gave Charlemagne title of ‘basileus of the franks’. Groundwork laid by Nicephorus I - Bureaucratic structure o Rigorous control to run complex state o With that in mind, the structure would be able to run a complex state Nicephorus I - The logothete of the treasury <important> - Byzantium was scandalized by Irene, the dragon lady - As soon as she was deposed, a more financially responsible person was placed on the throne- Nicephorus, a bureaucrat with the knowledge to be emperor The Byzantine empire had a carefully monitored economy. They used their money for diplomacy (bribes). To get this money, they would subsidize one group to attack another. (De administrando Imperio) Theophilus - Highly educated, known for sophisticated theological arguments - Tried to win over other’s point of view through the use of pandering- we see this in his attempts to satisfy both iconophiles and iconoclasts (holy warriors, military authorities). - Expressed interest in baghdad- he gave presents to the caliphs, who took learnings of Aristotle to help explain contradictions in Q’uran. - Scholasticism learnt from caliphs, they also taught the people of Byzantium how to organize a university, i.e. University of Baghdad-> University of Constantinople. - In spite of the drain of the war in Asia and the large sums spent by Theophilos on building, commerce, industry, the finances of the empire were in a most flourishing condition, the credit of which was in great measure due to the highly efficient administration of the department. Theophilos, who had received an excellent education from John Hylilas , the grammarian, was a great admirer of music and a lover of art, although his taste was not of the highest. He strengthened the Walls of
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reviewhist116b - Foundations laid before start Use of...

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