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Chem 1BL - E11 - Discussion

Chem 1BL - E11 - Discussion - Bert Mouler TA Brendan Beahm...

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Bert Mouler TA: Brendan Beahm Chemistry 1BL – Experiment 11 – Discussion In this lab, a knowledge of reduction potentials of metals will be accomplished by analyzing oxidation-reduction reactions and observing the relationship between reduction potentials and reaction spontaneity. In the first part of the lab, the electrochemical series of metals was observed by placing four strips of metals (Ag, Cu, Fe, and Zn) on four corners of a shaped filter paper and then adding a corresponding metal ion solution to each metal’s side of the paper with a potassium nitrate (KNO 3 ) bridge to make contact to the four sections of metal/metal ion solutions. A voltmeter was then used to record the voltage transferred in the each of the reductions of the different solutions as referenced to each of the different metals. Silver metal referenced to the copper electrode, and vice versa, both conducted high negative charges, while both the iron and zinc metals, referenced to the copper and silver electrodes, read only a slight negative charge. Here, some of the salt bridge could have
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