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Chem 1BL - E12 - Discussion

Chem 1BL - E12 - Discussion - Bert Mouler TA Brendan Beahm...

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Bert Mouler TA: Brendan Beahm Chemistry 1BL – Experiment 12 – Discussion In this lab, a simple galvanic cell was observed under changes of temperature and concentrations to analyze the effects of these changing conditions on cell potentials. From the information gathered, cell potentials and free energy potentials were calculated. This, among basic lab procedure, taught hands-on correlation of cell potentials to a change in multiple types of conditions. Also, use of the Nernst equation was practiced, and correlations of temperature dependence and free energy changes were observed. For part one, the effects on cell potential from a change in temperature were observed. The galvanic cell was constructed by two test tubes, one containing a lead strip and a lead nitrate solution, and the other containing a copper strip and a copper nitrate solution, and were connected by a potassium nitrate salt bridge. Both test tubes were
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