Econ 3A - FAP #3 - Formulas

Econ 3A - FAP #3 - Formulas - =F22/D22 Goodwill and other...

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Bert Mouler March 11, 2009 I(b) I(b) I(a) I(a) 2008 % to total 2007 % to total Chan ge % change INCOME STATEMENT Net sales 32479 =B7/B7 24006 =D7/D7 =B7- D7 =F7/D7 Cost of sales 21334 =B8/B7 15852 =D8/D7 =B8- D8 =F8/D8 Gross margin 11145 =B9/B7 8154 =D9/D7 =B9- D9 =F9/D9 Operating expenses: Research and development 1109 =B11/B7 782 =D11/D7 =B11- D11 =F11/D11 Selling, general, and administrative 3761 =B12/B7 2963 =D12/D7 =B12 -D12 =F12/D12 Total 4870 =B13/B7 3745 =D13/D7 =B13 -D13 =F13/D13 Operating income 6275 =B14/B7 4409 =D14/D7 =B14- D14 =F14/D14 Other income and expense 620 =B15/B7 599 =D15/D7 =B15 -D15 =F15/D15 Income before taxes 6895 =B16/B7 5008 =D16/D7 =B16 -D16 =F16/D16 Income taxes 2061 =B17/B7 1512 =D17/D7 =B17- D17 =F17/D17 Net income 4834 =B18/B7 3496 =D18/D7 =B18 -D18 =F18/D18 BALANCE SHEET Current assets 34690 =B21/B24 21956 =D21/D24 =B21 -D21 =F21/D21
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Property, plant and equipment, net 2455 =B22/B24 1832 =D22/D24 =B22 -D22
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Unformatted text preview: =F22/D22 Goodwill and other assets 2427 =B23/B24 1559 =D23/D24 =B23-D23 =F23/D23 Total assets 39572 =B24/B24 25347 =D24/D24 =B24-D24 =F24/D24 Liabilities and shareholders' equity Current liabilities 14092 =B27/B31 9280 =D27/D31 =B27-D27 =F27/D27 Non-current liabilities 4450 =B28/B31 1535 =D28/D31 =B28-D28 =F28/D28 Total liabilities 18542 =B29/B31 10815 =D29/D31 =B29-D29 =F29/D29 Shareholders' equity 21030 =B30/B31 14532 =D30/D31 =B30-D30 =F30/D30 Total liabilities and shareholders' equity 39572 =B31/B31 25347 =D31/D31 =B31-D31 =F31/D31 RATIOS I(c) 2008 I(c) 2007 Profit margin ratio =C18 =E18 Asset turnover =B7/B24 =D7/D24 ROA =B18/B24 =D18/D24 ROCE =(B18-0)/B30 =(D18-0)/D30 Bert Mouler March 11, 2009...
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Econ 3A - FAP #3 - Formulas - =F22/D22 Goodwill and other...

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