2.18.09 - Class Notes a long time movement 1890s o defined...

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2/18/09 Class Notes - a long time movement, 1890s o defined by men and women - urbanism, capitalism, etc - 1. end abuses of power - 2. government must protect the common good - 3. they believe it has to promote social and economic order - Volunteer organizations go national - A lot groups try to promote their own agenda o Better city service o Professional groups - middle class people make up the bulk of reformers - women are participating in varying degrees - 1910, they identified themselves as progressives - Not a unified group - Everybody has their own ideas - Their agendas work against one another - What constitutes a America? - Improving conditions in manufacturing - Women workers unable to achieve greater - No labor and effective unions - Some women tried to start union movement - Inherit distrust within unions - Special gendered issues made it hard for women to unionize o 1. men against female unions o 2. unskilled workers, new immigrants and difficult to unionize due to language barrier o 3. many women thought their jobs temporary - many people were campaigning for special legislation for women o (WTUL) working to organize women into unions (only women workers) - (NCL) National Consumers League was founded in 1899 that was led by Florence Kelly, her focus was for women and children - Becomes a very powerful advocate - Florence Kelly o Was a Quaker o From an elite class o Was college educated o Traveling abroad, met a Russian medical student and got married o Had kids but was in a abusive relationship o Got away and lived in a whole house with Jane Adams o For 40 years struggled for social justice o Tried to bridge the upper class and the lower class o Tried to make the upper class to see that working women were their sisters
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o Championed for the idea that women need special workplace
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2.18.09 - Class Notes a long time movement 1890s o defined...

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