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2/23/09 Class Notes - coming in from Europe - revolution and violence in Europe - one of the reasons people are immigrating to U.S. - businesses are very suspicious - they don’t want these ideas to take hold in the U.S. - wanted to filter out people who they didn’t want here - economic unrest (depression) - unsettled feeling - they don’t want to change the system - the radicals are very militant in their ideas and actions - don’t want to work within the existing system - Margret Sangor o Championed the cause of birth control - Charlotte Perkins Gilman o Doesn’t think at marriage but communial living (settlement house) o Suffered from depression o Believes in female dependence o Self taught o Married at 1884
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Unformatted text preview: o Wasn’t able to receive an education o Divorced in 1894 and child goes to live with the father o Writes books on women’s issues, one book was called “Women and Economies” o Women should be self-supported-it’s hard for radical leaders, they don’t work well with other women-Emma Goldman (1900) o Considered a very dangerous women o Believed in many radical ideas Women Free love Sexuality (wasn’t spoken of out loud in that time)-advocated for Birth control-anarchist (doesn’t need to be a government)-dynamic speaker-prolific writer-she got deport by WWI-these women were a threat to Americans...
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