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Emma Goldman movie

Emma Goldman movie - Movie Notes Emma Goldman escaped...

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2/23/09 Movie Notes Emma Goldman - escaped Russia in 1885 (was a teenager) - escaped from a arranged marriage - walked out on a loveless marriage and a 4 year factory job - met Alexander Berkman o didn’t think women were into radical meetings - Johann Most o Was a mentor to Emma o Had a large and devoted following o They talked about the need for education - she found her own voice very quickly - people thought she was possessed when she spoke - anarchism was a social order and unrestricted by man-made law - believed the acts of political violence was justified - June 1892, bloodiest battle at the steel mill in PA o 3 pinkertons and 7 strikers were dead - Henry Clary Frick - Goldman and Berkman made explosives (but failed to make them work) o They believed the end justified the means o Berkman goes to kill Frick - Berkman fails to kill Frick and gets arrested - The workers wanted a capitalist - Berkman kept Goldman’s part a secret and he starts his jail sentence - 1895, the U.S. was on the verge of collapse -
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