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1/29/09 CLASS NOTES Catal-forked Turkish Huyuk-mound The (Tell) mound of Jericho. Jordan was a city. Mortimer Wheeler - had his own game show - was a drinker - a womanizer - Kathleen Canyon was a student of his (excavated in Jordan) o Stone Tower at Jericho. Pre-pottery, Neolithic A, ca. 8000-7000 BC o Plastered human skulls from Jericho, with courie shells representing the eyes. Pre-pottery Neolithic B, ca. 7000-5000 BC o Statue from Ain Ghazal, Jordan. Ca. 7000-6000 BC. o Clay plaster with courie shell bitumen and paint. o Catalhoyuk, ca 8000-6000 BC Terracotta figurine of a birthing goddess
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Unformatted text preview: o Catalhoyuk, ca 8000-6000 BC flint dagger THE ART OF MESOPOTAMIA, ANATOLIA AND THE LEVANT-Mesopotamians (greek word) o Bunch of different cultures, languages, etc.-Anu Ziggurat and White Temple, Uruk (modern Warka, Irag), c. 3100 BC-Cuneiform is script-Sir Leonard Woolley and colleague, ca. 1930-Bronze/copper head of an Akkadian King, from Ninevah. Ca. 2550 BC. Baghdad Museum-Bronze statuette from Larsa-Wall painting from the Royal Palace, Mari. C. 1750 BC...
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