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Mike Gemmati HST 102.07 Modern World Dr. Malik October 6, 2007 Question # 4 A revolution by definition is a drastic and far-reaching change in ways of thinking and behaving. Variously defined revolutions have been happening throughout human history. Two revolutions of importance are the French Revolution and the American War of Independence which came about for many reasons including, social, political, economic, administrative, religious, military, and philosophical. The American War of Independence which is also known as the war of 1812 was the result of growing frustration with Great Britain. The French Revolution was a chain of political and social acts by reformers in the French Government to eliminate the absolute power of the King and the rich landowners and develop a Government elected solely by the citizens of the town. Though not the main reason, the French revolution was thought to have come about in large part because of the independence the Americas had gained. Social problems played a major role in the discontent that the French people felt. In the 18th century, France was a feudal country with 5 class divisions. The first estate consisted of priests and the clergy, the second contained the class of nobles, the third had the business people and this is were the tax payers started to surface, the fourth estate consisted of the media, and lastly the fifth estate which was usually kept quiet was the serfs which was a very large section of poor Europeans. The fifth estate was by far the largest and most unfairly treated of all the people, the little land that they did have was extremely over crowded. Due to the mistreatment
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of these people this played a major factor in deciding it was time for a revolution. As far as the American Revolution went the social structure, the societal aspects of enlightenment thinking,
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Final - Mike Gemmati HST 102.07 Modern World Dr Malik...

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