Chapter 11 Notes

Chapter 11 Notes - Chapter 11 The need for organization o...

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Chapter 11: The need for organization o Challenging characteristics of classrooms Multidimensional Unpredictable Fast-paced and immediate Simultaneous activities Public-everyone goes to school Each child has their own educational history Basic management tasks o Classroom management-techniques that are used to sustain a healthy learning environment which eliminates behavior problems Gain and maintain cooperation Motivated and engage Adjust management to ages of students Age related needs o Early elementary: teach rules and procedures-learn how to go to school o Middle elementary: monitor and maintain o Middle/junior high school and beginning of high school Diplomatically deal with defiance Motivated those immersed in social life o Senior high school Manage curriculum Adapt academics to student needs and interests Teach self management Creating a positive learning environment: strategies from research o Rules should be used!!! o Plan spaces for learning o Plan for effective classroom management
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o Get off to a good start (set the tone early) o Rules vs. procedures Rules: statements stating accepted and prohibited behavior (do’s and don’ts) Procedures: steps for carrying out activity (how to of the classrooms) 6 basic rules for making rules State rules in positive terms (avoid don’ts)
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Chapter 11 Notes - Chapter 11 The need for organization o...

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