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Chapter 10 Notes - March 17th 2008 Chapter 10 Motivation in...

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March 17 th , 2008 Chapter 10: Motivation in learning and teaching Motivation o Internal state that arouses, directs, and maintains behavior o Behavioral choice, engagement, intensity, and persistence o Elements of motivation Intrinsic/extrinsic- motivation associated with activities that are their own reward/or motivation created by external factors such as rewards or punishments. Something is intrinsically rewarding when the behavior or activity has rewarding qualities within the activity itself. Extrinsic reward is reward that is not part of the activity o Locus of causality-how the person perceives the origin of the behavior (is it external or internal?) 3 general approaches to motivation o 1. Behavioral approach o 2. Humanistic approach o 3. Behavioral approach Rewards are consequences of behaviors Incentives encourage or discourage the behaviors Humanistic approach 3 rd force in psychology (humanistic psychology) Rogers and Maslow Emphasis on personal choice
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Basic versus higher-level needs Self-actualization/self-determination Maslow’s hierarchy Maslow o
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