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Case D - are faced with many challenges Some of these...

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Case D-7 Callaway Golf: The Global Challenge Executive Summary Callaway Golf was founded in 1982 when Ely R. Callaway invested $400,000 in a company called Hickory Stick. The company originally named Callaway Hickory, later renamed to Callaway Golf. Originally Callaway was thought of as a small player in the world of original equipment manufacturing (OEM). This all changed with the introduction of two of their most famous products, “The Big Bertha” and the “Great Big Bertha” drivers. With the help of these products, as of 2003, Callaway Golf’s sales have exceeded $814 million, making them one of the big three OEMs in the golf business. Due to the fact that the sport of golf has similar rules throughout the world, Callaway can expect their profits to continue grow. In order to do this they
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Unformatted text preview: are faced with many challenges. Some of these challenges include, staying ahead of the technological curve as well as sustaining it phenomenal growth and market share with all of these other companies in hot pursuit. Helping Callaway do this is the emergence of golf in countries like China and India. Questions 1) 2) Some of the significant environmental factors that could have a major impact on the marketing of golf clubs internationally include cultural factors including values and customs, the country’s stage of economic development and infrastructure, consumer income and purchasing power, and lastly political regulatory factors in a country that create a good or bad climate for global marketing efforts....
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