Review Questions for Ch 1 - Review Questions for Ch 1 1....

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Review Questions for Ch 1 1. How old is the field of psychology? William Wundt found it in December of 1879 2. What is the definition of psychology? Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental porcess 3. What is included in this definition besides overt behavior? Mental Process. It is tought b/c it can not be seen. It can include thought (belief and attitudes), feelings (anger, jealousy) and Hypothetical constructs (learning motivation, personality) 4. What do we mean by the scientific study? It’s when we use objective standaredized methods to collect data. 5. What was Wundt’s contribution to psychology? He discovered psychology by measuring time it took for a person to react to a ball hitting a platform. 6. What are the contemporary persepectives of psychology? Biological, cognitive, behavioral, psychodynamic, humanistic, (pre contemporary: evolutionary and social-cultural) 7. What are some expamples of each? Biological: Brain chemistry, family history Cognivite: Negative self talk Behavioral: No longer want to do the same activites you use to Psychodynamic: unconscious feeling of lonliness Humanistic: Goal to be the best soccer player Evolutionary: Survival of the fittest Social-Cultural: How TV influences our eating habbits 8. Explain each of the themes. Biological: Genes and Brain chemistry Cognitive: how people process, store and retrieve info they gather from the world around them Behavioral: is a function of learning and conditioning involving rewards and punishments Psychodynamic: caused by inner, unconscious forces, no control over, Freud
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Review Questions for Ch 1 - Review Questions for Ch 1 1....

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