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Chapter 4 Notes - Chapter 4 Learner Differences and Learner...

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Chapter 4: Learner Differences and Learner Needs Labeling o People first language o Disability- a functional limitation of an individual; not synonymous with a handicap o Handicap- effect produced by a disability; condition imposed on a person with a disability by society, the physical environment or the person’s attitude o Cautions Self-fulfilling prophecy Stigma Labels mistaken for explanations o Benefits Can protect child Eligibility for special services, information, equipment, and funding 4 board categories of disabilities o o Emotional o Communication (Speech/Language) o Physical (Motor, Sensory, and Health) Federal Legislation and Special education o SPED (special education) is not a place you go!! o It is an array of supports that students need to benefit from an education o Public Law 94-192 LRE (least restrictive environment) The spirit of LRE is that a child is placed in the most typical or general education setting possible The services are added in an effort to accommodate the students’ specific needs
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By definition the LRE is the general education classroom, however, if a child cannot learn given that environment it is an inappropriate placement o Individuals with Disabilities Act of 1990 (IDEA) Revision changed name by Bush I Term handicapped replaced by disability Important additions to IDEA 90 Part B- SPED funding for services to children 3-22 Part H- Provided legislated funding for early intervention services for infants and toddlers 0-2 TBI (traumatic brain injury) and Autism (PDD) were added to the list of disability areas Updated again in 1997 Mandated services for 0-22 General education teacher required member of the IEP FBA(functional behavior analysis) for children with ED(emotional disturbances) Making educational placement decisions based upon objective data Latest reauthorization of IDEIA 2004 Linked on NCLB- emphasis on accountability Some of the most significant changes have come from the recommendations for qualifications of SLD (specific learning disabilities)
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Chapter 4 Notes - Chapter 4 Learner Differences and Learner...

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