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12-2-08 - Natural rights com from national...

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LAWSO 1 – 12/2/08 HUMAN RIGHTS Rights – practices that are required, prohibited, or otherwise regulated within the context of relationships governed by the law; legal entitlements, created by laws. What are “Human Rights”? Universal : all people are humans with rights. Equal : all humans have equal claim to human rights no matter what (even “terrorists” have human rights). Inalienable : no human can “lose” or “give up” a human right. Indivisible : human rights are holistic and each right is augmented by all others. What’s the Difference between Human Rights and Other Kinds of Rights ? Laws : human rights are created through international laws.
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Unformatted text preview: Natural rights com from national laws (Constitution; federal, state and local laws). • Institutions : international laws are made in the United Nations. National laws come from national legislatures (Congress, Parliament). • Enforcement ; there is no “Global Government” so human rights laws have to be respected by states and/or enforced through the UN. National laws are enforced by national enforcement agencies. Starting in the 18 th century, governments began abolishing and prohibiting torture and cruel punishments. This set limits on what states could do to people in custody....
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