Chapter 2 Notes 10-14-08

Chapter 2 Notes - its heritage as a labor party • Brown – took on the role of shadow chancellor(the opposition party’s spokesman on the

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POLI SCI. NOTES, CHAPTER TWO – BRITAIN 10/14/08 Section One – The Making of the Modern British State Section One Focus Questions: 1) How has the relationship between Gordon Brown and Tony Blair shaped the last decade of politics in Britain? 2) Why was Blair hounded out of office? Politics in Action : Blair and Brown met as new elected members of parliament (MPs) after the 1983 election. Blair – pushed the party to modernize and expand its political base well beyond
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Unformatted text preview: its heritage as a labor party. • Brown – took on the role of shadow chancellor (the opposition party’s spokesman on the economy and potential chancellor should Labour return to office). Section Two – Political Economy and Development : Section Two Focus Questions : 1) How new is New Labour’s approach to governing the economy?...
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