Midterm 1 Study Guide

Midterm 1 Study Guide - Government initiates 90% of bills....

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United States Government/Legislative Relations : Presidential Separation of Powers Bicameral o House of Representatives (2 year PR) o Senate (SMDP) Gridlock/low party discipline Impeachment Federalist President enforces laws Legislature makes them Checks and balances Electoral : SMDP “First past the post” o Do not need the majority, but the most votes in a plurality. Winner takes all 4 step system o Complicated/confusing o Low voter turnout o 18 months o 2 party Democrat Republican United Kingdom Government/Legislative Relations : Parliamentary o Has autonomy/sovereign Bicameral o House of Commons o House of Lords Strong party discipline Vote of no confidence o Everyone up for reason Unitary Electoral : SMDP 4 week elections 2 ½ party system o Labour
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o Conservatives o Liberal Democrats France : Government/Legislative Relations : Semi-presidential President/Prime Minister o From National Assemble/Majority Party o Two ballot/General Election
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Unformatted text preview: Government initiates 90% of bills. Unitary=President initiates o Can propose a referendum o Rule by decree o Can dissolve National Assembly Electoral : Dual ballot system 2 ballot system o Run off SMD-SMDP Partie Sote (PS)\ Union Movement Populaire (UMP) (EN) Fronte Nationale o Le Pen Les Verts Sweden : Government/Legislative Relations : Constitutional Monarchy Coalitions o Issue by issue o Regular Corporatism PM Majority Party Reiksteg unicameral Electoral : PR Proportional Representation Number of votes received determines the number of seats in govt. The larger the n umber of representatives from one district the more proportional the representation can be *highest voter turnout Labor unions have influence....
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Midterm 1 Study Guide - Government initiates 90% of bills....

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