Midterm 2 Study Guide 11-10-08

Midterm 2 Study Guide 11-10-08 - POLI SCI 6 2ND MIDTERM...

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POLI SCI. 6 – 2 ND MIDTERM REVIEW – 11/10/08 How Mexico Democratized. NOT HAVE TO CHOOSE ONE OVER THE OTHER! No democracy will have famines (infrastructures – POLITICAL VOICE/GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTABILITY!!!) Lee-People choose ec. Development over dem. Rights. Industrialization – fosters demand, political voice, government accountability. o Creates urbanization – people moving into the city, collective action is a product of urbanization. Formation of a politically-conscious civil society. Formation of middle-class. o Privatization Reduces reliance on state. o Education, literacy PRI – Created Patronage System Wanted to be independent of foreign control. Closed off domestic economy. Created tax credits and tax incentives for big business, large industrialization. Created big inequalities (small farmers that were not getting subsidies, etc.) As the patronage system grew, interest groups became dependent on the state. Economic Crisis – interest rates high (us monetary policy, cut subsidies able to
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