outline - POLITICAL INSTITUTIONS Iraqi Constitution of 2005...

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POLITICAL INSTITUTIONS Iraqi Constitution of 2005 forms a federation o Integrationists favor partly autonomous provinces founded on administrative or territorial principles, not on ethnic or religious principles; some call for a federation based on the already-existing eighteen governorates. Governorate entities do not focus on history or ethnic loyalties, but rather on purely administrative entities. It is believed that internal boundaries based on governorates would be more consistent with Iraqi nation building because they would stress citizenship over ethnicity or communalism and because they would politically fragment communal and ethnic groups spread across different provinces, giving rise to intragroup divisions and cross-cutting loyalties. Integrationists also argue that it is virtually impossible to create ethnically homogeneous federal units in Iraq , and that an ethnically based federalism would inevitably condemn local ethnic or nonethnic minorities to discrimination and second-class citizenship and thus would be a source of injustice as well as instability. Iraq’s recently enacted Constitution deviates from the model of eighteen governorates by recognizing Kurdistan, which comprises three governorates at present as well as fragments of others, as an established federal region. o From a political standpoint, Iraqi Kurdistan is the only region which has gained official recognition internationally as an autonomous federal entity (Wikipedia). o
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outline - POLITICAL INSTITUTIONS Iraqi Constitution of 2005...

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