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COMM 1 – 2/26/09 PUBLIC COMMUNICATION AND PERSUASION Message Characteristics/Strategies Use of evidence Positive emotional appeals o = vivid messages designed to arouse good feelings. Ex. Humor, joy, love, sentimentality, hope – often have to do with nostalgia. Effective if can “condition” a response (pair the good feelings with the argument/product) Negative emotional appeals o Ex. Guilt/shame, sadness o The “Fear Appeal” – basic human needs threatened (e.g., safety, personal relationships) Use of narrative Appeals to higher order human needs o Social states (e.g., “snob” appeal) Attractiveness, etc. Something you need to have because it shows who you are – only
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Unformatted text preview: certain people have this. Typically expensive products. o Being normal (e.g., plain folds or anti-snob) o Consensus (e.g., bandwagon approach) Appeals to broad cultural values/myths. o (e.g., family, patriotism, winning the big game, etc.) Most effective when audience sees: Threat is serious That it is likely to happen to them Specific steps to ward off threat *Potential problem in ads: vampire creativity if you push this too far, you can make an ad thats very funny/entertaining that people dont connect it to its product anymore....
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