Chapter Nine Study Guide

Chapter Nine Study Guide - COMM 1 Chapter Nine Study Guide...

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COMM 1 – Chapter Nine Study Guide TERMS : Grouphate – the distaste and aversion that people feel toward working in groups. Primary groups – groups that provide members with a sense of belonging and affection Secondary group – groups that meet principally to solve problems. Social Facilitation – the tendency for people to work harder and do better when others are around. Small group coordination – communication among a small number of people who share a common purpose or goal, who feel connected to each other, and coordinate their behavior. Group roles – the shared expectations group members have regarding each individual’s communication behavior in the group. Task roles – roles that are directly related to the accomplishment of group roles; include behaviors such as leading discussions and taking notes, etc. o SMALL GROUP TASK ROLES – Initiator-contributor – proposes new ideas or approaches to group problem solving. Information seeker – asks for information or clarification Opinion seeker – asks for opinions from others Information giver – provides facts, examples, and other relevant evidence Opinion giver – offers beliefs or opinions Elaborator – explains ideas, offers examples to clarify ideas Coordinator – shows relationships among ideas presented Orienter – summarizes what has been discussed and keeps group focused Evaluator-critic – judges evidence and conclusions of group Energizer – motivates group members to greater productivity
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Chapter Nine Study Guide - COMM 1 Chapter Nine Study Guide...

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