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Week%209%20outline - “Boat People” IndoChina Migration...

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Week 9 Lecture Outline 9A Vietnam War and Asian American Transformations A. War, Vietnam, Crossroads of Am Politics B. Asian American Veterans and Trauma C. War and Collateral Damage Key Concepts and Historical Data Black Juans – Japanese American gang Ichibans Buddha Bandits Gook - a derogatory term for foreigners, especially south-east Asians, e.g. (in  chronological order of use) Filipinos, Japanese, Koreans, and Vietnamese.  Team Hawaii 9B War and South East Asian Refugee Resettlement A. US Withdrawal from SE Asia B. Refugees from Vietnam C. Hmong Refugees D. Transnational Children E. Controversy over Vietnam Memorial Key Concepts and Historical Data
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Unformatted text preview: “Boat People” IndoChina Migration and Refugee Assistance Act 1975 = Refugees from South Vietnam and Cambodia [1] were allowed to enter the United States under a special status, and Congress granted them special relocation aid. Refugee Act 1980 = reformed United States immigration law and admitted refugees on systematic basis for humanitarian reasons Amerasian Act 1982 Amerasian Homecoming Act 1988 = allowed children in Vietnam born of American fathers to immigrate in to the United States. The Act was written in 1987, passed in 1988 and implemented in 1989. Hmong Maya Lin...
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