Prokofiev - Prokofiev (1891-1953); Whole new generation;...

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Prokofiev – (1891-1953); Whole new generation; born before Revolution; father ran estate for friend but father was not aristocrat; father got in trouble as student and was punished by Czar; o chose to live in Russia; o mother was serf; o earliest years isolated in Ukraine on farm; o showed interest in composition very early on; o 1902 taken to play for Taneyev; Taneyev recommended Gliere to teach him; Gliere went during the summers to teach him; this gave him good relations with the Czar; during the winter he wrote compositions and sent them to Gliere by mail; o played for Glazunov in St. Petersburg (1904) to get into the school; accepted and studied harmony with Liadov and also studied with Rim –K; o 1905 – revolution at conservatory; o 1905 – meets fellow student Mayakovski who remains his lifelong friend; o 1908 – debut as pianist – not the best (bangs his way through life as well as the piano o 1909 – graduates but not in piano or composition o 1917 – 1 st symphony; conducts now (in piano he was asked to write a symphony) so he wrote his first symphony – neo-classic work – imitate work of earlier
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Prokofiev - Prokofiev (1891-1953); Whole new generation;...

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