eeb111Midterm 2 Key

eeb111Midterm 2 Key - UCLA EEB 111 BIOLOGY OF VERTEBRATES...

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SECOND MIDTERM EXAMINATION FEBRUARY 27, 2009 NAME: __________KEY ____________________ There are six questions and 150 points on this examination. Please answer all questions clearly, concisely, and completely . Answer only the questions asked. Write legibly. Use only the space provided for each question. Nothing written on the backs of pages will be read. 1) (30 points) Identify and/or define each of the following terms or phrases. Where appropriate also name at least one group of vertebrates that either has the feature listed or includes the form listed. a) Lepidosaurs The group of living reptiles that includes Sphenodon and the lizards and snakes. b) Axolotl The neotenic (paedomorphic) larvae of the tiger salamander. Occur naturally in several lakes in Mexico that have low iodine concentrations in their waters. c) Pheromones Chemicals released by many animals into their surroundings that act as signals of various kinds to other members of their species. Many salamanders release pheromones as part of courtship and mating behaviors. d) Alveoli Small saclike structures in vertebrate lungs that are the sites of gas exchanges. e) Dromeosaurs A group of extinct Mesozoic reptiles that are considered the sister group of living birds. f) Ratites The group of flightless living birds that includes the ostriches, rheas, emus, cassowaries, and kiwis. g) Wing loading
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eeb111Midterm 2 Key - UCLA EEB 111 BIOLOGY OF VERTEBRATES...

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