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101ch2s07 - H O N C S What is meant by energy levels and...

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Biology 101 Study Guide Chapter 2 Pp32-39. Know the definitions of matter, element, atom, molecule, isotope, ion, compound. Which are the elements that make up the structures of a cell? Atomic structure: what are atoms made of? What parts account for the nature of the atom? its reactivity? its weight? Be able to determine the electron configuration of an atom if given the atomic number. How can the number of neutrons be determined? Know the valences of
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Unformatted text preview: H, O, N, C, S. What is meant by energy levels and orbitals? P. 39, #1-3, 5. Pp39-44. Distinguish among covalent bonds, ionic bonds, hydrogen bonds and hydrophobic interactions. What is electronegativity? How does electronegativity influence ionization? the polarity of covalent bonds? Which types of bonds are the weakest? strongest? On your own: Pp 42-43 on Molecular Shape and Function. P. 44, #2,2. Self-quiz, p. 46: #1-6, 8...
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