CHALLENGES - national superiority animal rights groups debt...

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CHALLENGES GLOBALISM IMF WTO WORLD BANK TNC WAR ON TERROR (2001) PARTICULARIST CHALLENGE UNIVERSALIST CHALLENGE Charismatic leaders ( Buchanan, Grass roots campaign (Ralph Nader, Chavez, Le Pen, bin Laden) NGOs, INGOs, Zapatistas) Nation first – economic nationalism Egalitarianism – end poverty, protect -anti- immigrant environment, non-violent grass -support industrial workers, small business, roots organizing small farmers support from consumer activists, -cultural uniformity, moral certainty, labour, environmentalists,
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Unformatted text preview: national superiority animal rights groups, debt relief, religious fundamentalists?? splitting feminist and HR advocates Small number of protesters Protest at WTO, G8, World Economic Forum September 11, 2001 Non-violence and Police response WAR ON TERROR 2001 ECONOMIC DEREGULATION CONSUMERISM GLOBAL NORTH VS GLOBAL SOUTH Nationalist protection A Global New Deal Threat and use of violence Steger 135 (compare to 53 by disaffected Washington consensus) states and non-state actors...
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