H104 SUMMARY OVERVIEW Rights - X X Change church teaching...

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SUMMARY OVERVIEW 1776 1789 1791 Men equal X X X Women equal X Power rests in the people X X X Consent to laws X X X Justice guaranteed by Law X X X Innocent until proven guilty X X X Consent to fair taxes X X X Right to property X X X Govt. to serve the nation/people X X X Govt. to secure rights X X X Freedom of religion X X X Freedom of speech, print X X X Laws to end male tyranny X Freedom to name father of child X Women’s rights essential to society X * in postscript Education of women X Equal marriage/property rights X Laws must be equal everywhere – in colonies X 1848 1954 All items above X X Same moral standard
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Unformatted text preview: X X Change church teaching that denies womens equality X All equal in human race X X Open all professions to women X X including pulpit Struggle against poverty, race and class discrimination X Equal pay and equal opportunity X Free and compulsory educ. for all X Mother & Child health & child care services X Proper homes X Freedom of association X Strengthen womens organizations X Solidarity with other organizations for rights X Peace throughout the world X...
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