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Psychology 101 Fall 2007 Study Guide for Exam 3 -Learning, Associative Learning -Pavlov -Classical Conditioning - UCS, UCR, CS, CR -Classical conditioning - Acquisition, Generalization, Discrimination, Extinction, Spontaneous Recovery -Phobias and Counterconditioning -Operant Conditioning -Thorndike’s Law of Effect -B.F. Skinner and Shaping -Reinforcement - positive and negative -Types of positive reinforcement – primary and secondary -Continuous and Partial Reinforcement; Schedules of Reinforcement (ratio, interval, variable, fixed) -Operant conditioning - Generalization, Discrimination, Extinction -Punishment – positive and negative -Timing: immediate and delayed reinforcement; immediate and delayed punishment; immediate and delayed reinforcement and punishment -Observational Learning and Four factors of observational learning (attention, retention, production, reinforcement) -Albert Bandura and Bobo Doll Experiment -Television’s effect on aggressive behavior in children -Mirror neurons -E.C. Tolman – cognitive maps and latent learning
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