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ENGL 4038 paper #2 - or Kim 5 Discuss the different roles...

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1. Discuss the importance of minutiae in Kim —scraps of paper, snippets of conversation, descriptions of random travelers on the road. What role does minutiae play in the novel, and why does Kipling devote so much time in the novel to the little things? 2. Analyze the role of females/feminine power in both King Soloman’s Mines and Kim . 3. “Kim” in Hindi means “what?” Discuss Kipling’s choice of name for his protagonist. 4. How can we understand Pratt’s definition of “the contact zone” in King Soloman’s Mines , The Surgeon’s Daughter
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Unformatted text preview: , or Kim ? 5. Discuss the different roles and agency of maps and mapping in King Soloman’s Mines and Kim . 6. Analyze the role/persona of Hurree Babu in Kim . What is his character meant to represent in this novel? What is the significance of his character and relationship with Kim? How can we understand Kipling’s representations of his looks and his speech? 7. How do Robert Young’s definitions of “hybridity” and “culture” influence your understanding of either Kim , KSM , or The Surgeon’s Daughter ?...
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