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essysII - rsistnt b/c of truss suspnsions Rsistnce Bldng...

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- Pstl Savng Bnk Wagner 1900 vina Brck, 8stries, renfrcd cncrte flrs. Rvets/bolts marble on façade Dcrtive elmnt Afrdbl/easy mntain- fcus design smpl, dcratve top w/ angel statues -Eiffel Tower 1890 ind. Rev. Daring shape and hite 81 stries Countring wind resistnce elvtors - Brooklyn bridge 1870 ind. rev 1 st steel wire + lrgst in wrld @ time Icon, suspensn systms, ntrally wind
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Unformatted text preview: rsistnt b/c of truss suspnsions- Rsistnce Bldng burnham/root 1890 chi Steel frme/ terra cotta- red glzed decratin, 1 st tower large glass wndwBig featre in 20 th c. skyscrapers-Crstl plce Paxton, 1850 london ind rev Iron/glass innovation-parliament 1840 barry/pugin gthc revval Twrs + stnewrks/ big ben...
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