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Final Essays - Essay One How dynamic movement and...

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Essay One: How dynamic movement and expression is achieved in structure? Choose 3 specific monuments, and explain how each illustrates dynamic movement whether it is in the façade, design or plan. And how do new developments in technology affect this dynamic character? Main Idea: Many monuments boast dynamic movement and expression whether it is stressed by the scale of a structure or its lavish and complex ornamentation. Dynamic: Pertaining to force or power OR continuous change, activity, or progress. Example One: San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane (façade) - Architect: Borromini, Date: 1634, Italian Baroque, Location: Rome - Dynamics: The dynamics is mostly in the decorations and overall design of the façade. Undulated curve of entablature, paired columns, oval, light and dark. 4 fountains, very decorative, good example of Baroque church. Example Two: Plan of Chaux (Plan) - Architect: Ledoux, Date: 1775, Sublime, Never Built - Dynamic: Used geometric and additive shapes. Explored ornament in his design but stressed a lot on geometric form and spatial efficiency. Planned so the buildings would be the center of society. Work was started but finished because much of Ledoux’s designs became very costly. A radial city plan for the most part, with a central point, sort of like a radial city plan. Example Three: Eiffel Tower (Design)
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Final Essays - Essay One How dynamic movement and...

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