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History + Theories II 10/4/2009 Topic Questions Building : St. Peter’s In Rome Time : 1546-1564 also 1606-1612 Architects : Michelangelo, Carlo Maderno, Della Porta, Fontana and Bernini Location : Rome, Italy Topic : Do an in depth analysis of San Pietro of Rome describing its appearance, role and composition and how this magnificent structure shaped and influenced other churches after its time. 1. Describe the overall attributes of the exterior of St. Peter’s and describe its function, structure and aesthetics (Vitruvius) 2. Describe the Baroque style implemented in the interior (Piazza di San Pietro) designed by Bernini and express why it is so impressive. 3. Analyze the buildings elements and principles of design and describe how each element or principle is used? (Line, form, space, scale, texture, light, color, ornament, balance, rhythm, proportion, emphasis, harmony and variety) 4. How well or poorly did this building function for those who built it? How did its
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Unformatted text preview: functional requirements serve as a generator of building form? 5. What was St. Peter’s used for and how did its design help accommodate for these uses? 6. What distinct characteristics of Baroque style are implemented into the design of St. Peter’s? 7. What were some innovations seen in St. Peter’s that weren’t seen in earlier Baroque churches? 8. How was St. Peters built and what was it built of? 9. Of all the architects who worked on St. Peters, which architect had the most innovative designs that were stolen and used in later churches? What building and what innovations were stolen? 10. What influences did St. Peter’s have on other basilica’s or church-style buildings built after its time (specifically French and English Baroque)? Which buildings and where are the influences seen?...
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