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Term Paper Outline 10/5/2009 Term Paper Outline (Slightly Altered) Topic : San Pietro of Rome I. Thesis : The overall design of San Pietro of Rome is a prime model of Baroque architecture when focusing on its aesethics, structure and function, which ultimately shaped later churches. II. Introduction : In my introduction I plan to talk about all the architects that worked on San Pietro of Rome, and briefly describe what they did in the development of the church. In addition to this I may give some more brief insight as to what designs were new innovations. III. Body Paragraph : Insight and Information A. What was it used for and why B. Where it was located C. What distinct Baroque styles were implemented IV. Body Paragraph : Design Aspects A. Function B. Structure C. Aesthetics D. Principles of Design: Line, form, space, scale, texture, light, color, ornament, balance, rhythm, proportion, emphasis, harmony and variety
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Unformatted text preview: E. Innovations that were not seen in earlier churches V. Body Paragraph : Interior/Exterior (all ties into previous body paragraph) A. Functionality of the interior B. How the functionality of this building gave it form C. Baldachino, interior designs, etc. VI. Body Paragraph : Innovations A. Each architects contributions, innovations and unique designs- Michelangelo, Maderno, Bernini, Della Porta, Fontana, etc. B. Which architects contributions or innovations were most impressive and effective? C. Piazza di San Pietro designed by Bernini VII. Body Paragraph : Effects A. What influences did this church have on others B. 1-2 examples of these influences in other churches IIX. Conclusion : A. Restate thesis B. Importance of San Pietro’s influences that are even seen today....
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