Watters DNA not destiny analysis

Watters DNA not destiny analysis - Borenstein 1 Debates...

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Borenstein 1 Debates continue to surface over the idea that genes control the outcomes of certain traits in human beings, while several leading researchers are discovering that environmental effects can also play a part in the attributes of that organism. Ethan Watters, from “Discover” Magazine, recently wrote an article entitled “DNA is not Destiny” (Preston 276) that summarizes this concept. Through careful analysis of the evidence presented in the article, it has been concluded that environmental changes affect the genetics of the human body and mind just as much as genes themselves. Watters presents his argument in a neat and orderly manner, starting by describing Professor Randy Jirtle and his students Robert Waterland discovery that they could change the fate of agouti mice who’s parents had been susceptible to disease and death (Preston 277). While these mice are typically yellow and die early due to cancer or other fatal diseases, the color and health of these mice’s offspring not by altering not the mice’s genes, but changing it’s mother’s diet before birth. This introduces Watters’ first example of epigenetic changes, as opposed to genetic mutation. Our DNA contains 25,000 genes identified by the human genome project. They are in the form of epigenetic switches and markers that contain information for the development of the body. Jirtle states that “Epigenetics is proving we have some responsibility for the integrity of our genome. Before, genes predetermined outcomes. Now everything we do, everything we eat or smoke, can affect our gene
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Watters DNA not destiny analysis - Borenstein 1 Debates...

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