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Homework 2 10/5/2009 Our Built Environment Chapter 2 Review Questions- 1. The coupling feedback would read as positive. 3. A negative feedback loop tends to diminish the effects of disturbances because a change in one component stimulates a change of the opposite direction with the linked component. For example, if your body is too warm you will do something to cool it off. 6. Albedo is the reflectivity of something’s surface. This influences climate because darker surfaces have less albedo, therefore absorbing more sunlight then lighter surfaces. By absorbing this sunlight the earth’s surface will heat up. Lighter surfaces such as snow; reflect sunlight and more or less heat up the atmosphere. This means the more lighter surfaces there are, the cooler the surface temperature is, which has a direct correspondence with the overall climate and temperature. 7. Daisies on daisyworld are simply able to regulate the temperature. When all the
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