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Unformatted text preview: Our Changing Environment: Final Study Guide Clicker Review Questions:- The two most abundant gases in the Earth’s atmosphere are… → Nitrogen and Oxygen- Which of the following are anthropogenic activities? → Conversion of forest to agriculture- The most important greenhouse gas in our atmosphere is? → Water Vapor - The Greenhouse Effect is… → Caused by the presence of infrared (IR) absorbing gases in the atmosphere → (Warming of the atmosphere due to greenhouse gases) → The result of natural gases present in a planets atmosphere- Global Warming of the atmosphere is causing… → The Polar ice caps to melt- The Ingredients to a hurricane are… → Heat, moisture, Corioilis Effect (High wind shear does not cause hurricanes)- The ozone hole was created by… → Emission of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)- These clouds warm the earth by allowing sunlight in, but trapping IR… → Cirrus- The transport of nutrients and carbon dioxide to the deep ocean by the settling of dead biota is called the… → Biological Pump- The ocean conveyor belt is ultimately called… → Thermohaline Circulation- Most life in the ocean can be found… → In shallow water above the continental shelves- Killer waves caused by oceanic earthquakes are… → Tsunamis- Carbon dioxide dissolves in water. The ocean is… → absorbing carbon dioxide in cold regions and releasing it in warm regions.- Average lifetime of a rock… → 100,000,000 years- The process of one plate sinking underneath another is called… → Subduction- This part of the earth is liquid and its motion creates the earth’s magnetic field… → Outer Core- The continents are above water because they… → Float upon the mantle and the oceanic plates- The line of volcanoes and active faults around the Pacific Ocean is known as the… → Ring of Fire- The largest carbon reservoir is… → Limestone- Carbon Dioxide is increasing mostly due to fossil fuel combustion and… → Deforestation- The residence time of carbon in plants is… → 20 years- Which geological process releases carbon into the atmosphere?...
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final s.g. - Our Changing Environment: Final Study Guide...

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