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One Page Paper - conduct 2 React to this conduct Is this conduct extraordinary in a positive or negative way Why would you want(or not want to work

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University of Colorado at Boulder Leeds School of Business Introduction to Business BCOR 1010, Fall 2007 Paper Assignment Date Due : December 7, 2007 in your recitation . Please note that you must hand in a hard copy of your paper to your recitation leader to receive credit for this assignment. No electronic papers will be accepted. Do not hand in your paper directly to Catherine. Length : One page typed, double-spaced, 12 point font with 1 inch margins. Instructions : Throughout the term, you have been keeping a log of extraordinary business conduct from either a positive or negative perspective. Choose one of your logs, if you wish, or select another business and craft a one-page, well-written paper describing and reacting to the conduct of a business (this is not a business strategy critique). Please follow the instructions listed below, as papers will be evaluated accordingly. 1. Describe the conduct you are assessing so the reader can appreciate the context of your reaction. Remember that there must be something extraordinary about this
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Unformatted text preview: conduct. 2. React to this conduct. Is this conduct extraordinary in a positive or negative way? Why would you want (or not want) to work for or run this company? Be sure to identify the values you hold that might account for your reaction. 3. Identify the source of your information on the behavior of the business you are considering (i.e., the name of an article, the date, the journal or other medium from which you gathered your information). Use the proper APA style. 4. Pay attention to the organization of your paper and grammar, as you will be evaluated on form and style issues as well as the content of your paper. 5. Attach a cover sheet to your paper with your name, recitation section number and leader, and student identification number. Type your identification number and recitation section number only on your actual paper (omit your name, please). Please follow all these directions if you want to earn full credit on this assignment....
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