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107 Article Comparison Assignment - ENG 107 Article...

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ENG 107: Article Comparison Assignment Due: Mon. 02/11-- 3 paper copies and post to blackboard (50 points) Wed. 02/13--Peer reviews of two classmates due-- two copies of each, so 4 pages total Mon. 02/18--Revised draft due to teacher (100 points) ***STAPLE revised draft to the first draft that has teacher comments on it*** PURPOSE To compare write-ups of the same scientific topic, one for the general public and one for scientists in the field, and analyze the different choices the writers make. To describe how a writer “translates” scientific information for a general audience. TEXTS 1. Select one reading from the textbook that we have not discussed in class. (It does not necessarily have to be the reading you worked with for your small-group research). 2. In addition, find a printed journal article (not an abstract or summary) from a peer- reviewed journal on the same topic designed for an audience of other scientists rather than the general public. If possible, this article needs to written by the scientist discussed in the textbook reading—preferably the original published research that led to the textbook reading; if this is not possible, it needs to be about a specific, focused area of science discussed in the textbook reading. The focus should be so directly related to a textbook reading that they are not a stretch to compare. It is okay if you do not fully understand the science discussed the article, as may be the case if it is written for advanced scientists in the field. 3. Optionally, find a third source from the genre and audience of your choice, such as a
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107 Article Comparison Assignment - ENG 107 Article...

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