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BCOR 1020 Project 2 Fall 2007 Due: Friday December 7 th at the start of your recitation. Using the data set for your recitation section (posted on the course website), answer the following questions from Chapter 12 page 471: 12.32, 12.33 12.34, 12.35, 12.37, and 12.38. Your responses to the questions should be in a report format with complete sentences and proper grammar. The scatterplot should be in the body of the report. Any Excel or MegaStat output should be included as an appendix. Do not put computer output (other than a graph) in the body of the report. Do not label the paragraphs with the question numbers. You may put the question number in parentheses at the end of the sentence or paragraph that answers the question. Please be complete yet succinct. If you find yourself writing too much it may be because you are unclear about the concepts. This report is to be completed individually with assistance from your instructor or TA only. The data you will use comes from a
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