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Jeremy Borenstein English 107: Professor Liberatore 3/30/2008 Sleeping Disorders One of the most unknown epidemics going around America is the sleeping disorder insomnia. Although it comes in different levels of severity and forms. While it is estimated that one in three Americans have some form of insomnia, it is nearly impossible to tell that a specific person has insomnia while observing them during the day. Just because it is not easily recognizable by observers, sleeping disorders and anxiety are one of the most common and dangerous form of illness in several people. Sleeping disorders can develop anywhere between the ages of infancy (starting as “night terrors”) and adulthood. Some people wonder how something like sleeping anxiety could be such a major problem in one’s life, however the common human would be surprised at how severely a sleeping disorder can affect a person’s life. In order to better understand exactly what effects sleeping disorders have on everyday life, one must first understand what causes these disorders and what happens throughout the course of a night in an insomniac’s life. As a person who has had chronic sleeping anxiety since the age of 7 along with ADHD, I can tell you first hand that a mental disorder such as insomnia has just as adverse effects as
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This note was uploaded on 04/29/2008 for the course ENG 107 taught by Professor Nobleman during the Spring '08 term at University of Miami.

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En107 finalessdraft1 - Jeremy Borenstein English 107...

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