Project 1 Assign - 4 Change the name of your spreadsheet using your name using the “Last_First Project 1” format before uploading your

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BCOR 2200 Fall 2008 Dr. David M. Gross Project 1 Assignment – Due Friday October 3 at 5:00pm Carefully read the instructions below. 1. Download the “Last_First Project 1.xls” spreadsheet from the CULearn web site. 2. Use the data provided in the spreadsheet to complete the assignment. Fill in the shaded ratio cells and answer the questions in the shaded boxes. Your short-answer responses cannot exceed the space provided. Do not change the font or font size in the short-answer cells. 3. You must enter formulas into the appropriate ratio-answer cells. You will not receive credit if you enter values instead of formulas.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Change the name of your spreadsheet using your name using the “Last_First Project 1.xls” format before uploading your completed spreadsheet to the CULearn site. 5. Upload your completed spreadsheet to CULearn by Friday October 3 at 5:00pm. No late assignments will be accepted. Your submission time will be recorded by the CULearn system. 6. This is an individual assignment. You may not work with other students. You must work alone on this assignment. 7. Do not change the red-numbered grade-reference cells on the spreadsheet. Doing so will cause you to receive no points for the assignment....
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