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FINAL Summary of Television Article

FINAL Summary of Television Article - Viewers are happy...

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Jeremy Borenstein 11/28/2007 English 105 Mr. Bielawski Summary of Television Article According to Davies, children are in need of protection from various television shows, and ultimately what they desire. He compares it to a child wanting a chocolate bar solely because of taste and smell. The child is not smart enough to consider that the bar might be damaging to his health, and subsequently sees no problem with eating it. Davies also believes that the standards of what is considered a good television show have been lowered.
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Unformatted text preview: Viewers are happy with what’s on television, quite simply regardless of content. Youth also is fooled by what they consider to be “cool”. While most children aspire to be as “cool” as certain television figures, this is once again ultimately damaging to that kids health. It seems as though Davies is stating that children commit acts without thinking about the consequences of such, and therefore need protection. In the Worst Possible Taste , Hannah Davies...
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