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English 100 - Process Analysis

English 100 - Process Analysis - Eemeli Isoaho Professor...

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Eemeli Isoaho Professor Mallette Process Analysis 10.11.2007 Write an essay analyzing the process of how to make a good impression on a friend’s parents. It is as silent as an old library when the father attaches the long hoses that look like skinny snakes on the future son-in-law’s wrists. The father starts asking the son questions in a harsh and deep voice as the detector’s hand shakes like teeth do when you are shivering. Does this sound familiar? Probably not, since it is a lie detector scene from the movie Meet the Parents . Perhaps you have, however, been in a similar situation when your girl/boyfriend’s or your friend’s parents first meet and question you. For years it has been a common goal for many people around the world to make a good impression on your friend’s parents. Nobody wants to feel unwelcome in their friend’s house. Here are some tips that may help you when you are about to meet your friend’s parents for the first time. The process of making a good impression on your friend’s parents begins already at your own home. The first step you have to take care of is to make sure you are wearing clean and proper clothes. Then that your breathe smells pleasant, and additionally in the case you are a male and growing beard, remember to check you have shaved and trimmed your beard. It certainly does
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